-Succulents Are Drought Tolerant, So They Don't Need To Be Watered As Often As Other Plants, But They Still Get Thirsty! To Determine if Your Succulent Needs Water, You'll Want to Feel The Soil From The Top (about an inch or two down) and From The Bottom, If Possible. If You Feel any Moisture At All, Your Succulent Is Still Hydrated. If The Soil Is Bone Dry, It's Time To Water! 
-When Watering Your Succulent, Saturate The Soil Until Water Comes Out Through the Drain Hole
-Don't USE A SPRAY BOTTLE TO "SPRITZ" Your Plants. Succulents Store Water In Their Roots, So If They Are Just Being Sprayed At the Leaves, The Plant Will Become Stressed and Will Possibly Not Survive 
-Take Into Account The Conditions Your Succulents Are In. If They Are Outside In an Environment that is Hot and Dry, The Plants Will Need To Be Watered More Often. If The Environment is Cooler and Humid, And/Or you Succulents Are Inside, Your Succulents Can Be Watered Less Frequently.
Succulents need water when soil is TOTALLY Dry, but...

-Indoor Succulents Should Be Watered About  Every 3-4 weeks
-succulents That Are Outside during the Summer Heat Will Need Water About Every 7-14 Days, and about Every 3-4 Weeks During the Cooler Months 

*Always Error On The Side of UNDER WATERING*

-Succulents Like Bright Light, But Too Much Intense, Direct Sun Can Harm Your Plants. 
-Direct Morning Sun Is The Best. Afternoon Sun Is Fine As Long As Your Plants Aren't Being Exposed for more than A couple Hours 
-Most Succulents Can Be Happy with Partial Sun, You Just Want To Make Sure To Rotate Your Pot Frequently-but carefully- To Avoid Stretching (If Succulents Aren't Receiving Enough Sun, They Will Stretch To Reach The Light Which Causes The Plant To Possibly Lose It's Shape)

-While Succulents Are Very Hardy and Drought Tolerant, They Prefer Comfy Temperatures, Just Like We Do. Ideal Temperatures Are Roughly 50-85 degrees Fahrenheit. Protect Your Succulents From Temperatures Below Freezing.

-Succulents Are happiest outside, but they can be happy inside too! 
If Outside, Make sure They Are Placed Where They Can Receive Bright Light or Direct Sun. If You're Making Your Succulent A House Plant, Place The Plant Where it Can Get Bright Natural Light (Near a Window). Also, If Your Plant Is Going To Be Inside, Avoid Placing Where A Child Or Pet Can Get To It.