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Plants And Crystals? Yes Please!
These Adorable Salt and Pepper Shakers Turned Planters are the Perfect Gift For Anyone Who Forgets To Water Plants,So Basically All of Us!
They Only Need Water Every 4-6 Weeks!
These Little Jars are Drilled For Drainage and Then Hand Painted.
After The Succulents Are Planted, I Add The Rocks and Then Use a Plant Safe Adhesive to Keep The Rocks in Place. This Makes Them Easy to Travel With And, Safe For Kids.

The Care For These Little Plants Is Simple. I like To Bottom Water Them, Through The DrainHole, To Avoid Getting Water on The Top of The Plants.Simply Submerge The Entire Jar in Water, Until The Water Goes Half Way Up The Outside of The Jar. Let The Jar Sit in The Water for about 1-2 Hours And, Thats It!
Place The Jar In Bright Light, And Repeat Every 4-6 Weeks.

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